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The Best Mini Handheld Ever?

by Techcravers 07 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Hi there, everyone welcome to here. Today we have something very special to unbox and test the highly sold off their Miyoo Mini Plus the predecessor to the widely popular.
Miyoo mini this handle device has been incredibly hard to get lately and I'm excited to share my first ever experience with it, especially since I wasn't able to get my hands on the Miyoo mini.
The Miyoo Mini Plus has the same exact internals as its older sibling, but in a slightly larger shell. So without any further delay, let's Dive Right In and see what makes the Miyoo Mini Plus stand out in its new form factor foreign.

01. Miyoo Mini Plus Unboxing

The device comes in this retro colored box with some specifications written on the side.
Miyoo Mini Plus Unboxing
More another interesting detail is that this particular device was manufactured in late March.


In addition to the Miyoo Mini Plus itself the unboxing includes a standard USB type-c charging cable, a Micro SD card adapter and a screen protector.
And it's also worth noting that depending on what you order you may also receive a Micro SD card with pre-loaded Games available in 32, 64 or 128 gigabyte options.

 Miyoo Mini Plus Unboxing

02. Miyoo Mini Plus Specifications 
Let's take a closer look at the specifications of the Miyoo Mini Plus and these are the same exact specs as the older Miyoo mini.
We get a cortex A7 dual core CPU, clocked at 1.2 gigahertz, a 3.5 inch IPS screen at 640x480 resolution and a 3000mah battery, it will give you up to 8 hours of gameplay.
Miyoo Mini Plus Specifications
It has no internal storage but you'll get that micro SD card slot where you insert your games. It comes with a Linux based OS that also supports Wi-Fi.

03. Controls and Buttons

Now let's talk about the buttons, we get the face buttons have rubber membrane connection and they are very soft to the touch. As you can press them down very easily and quickly and they don't get stuck in any way.
We also have a start and select button with a low profile that doesn't stick out as much as they do on some Anbernic products, for example and the d-pad uses the exact same rubber membrane connection as well and both travel and pivot is great on it underneath.

Miyoo Mini Plus Buttons

We have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack the micro SD card slot and the USB type-c charging port on the top.


We find the LED indicator that lets us know if the device is charging or on, and we also find the power button here.


Flipping it to the side, we see the volume up and down. And then finally on the back we have our four shoulder buttons.
And there is actually a battery behind the lid that you can easily swap out should you want.

04. Miyoo Mini Plus VS Anbernic RG35XX

Now let's jump into something that how does the Miyoo Mini Plus stack up against its closest competitor the extremely popular Anbernic RG35XX and the face buttons are exactly the same in size.
The Miyoo Mini Plus is a tiny bit smaller to the naked eye. For its thickest part the Miyoo Mini Plus is a bit thicker than the RG35XX, the difference is about two and a half millimeters. And when it comes to sound and speaker quality, the rg35xx gets much louder.
It appears that the RG35XX boasts a display that is more generally brighter and has broader viewing angles as well.
Miyoo Mini Plus VS Anbernic RG35XX
Anbernic RG35XX

05. Software Experience

Comparison for now before I jump into some game testing, I want to talk a bit about the software.
Miyoo Mini Plus softwares
This is the stock firmware but with a theme that I set for myself. You actually get a bunch of them to choose from right from the start. Anyway you can browse through some of the original game systems that MIYOO MINI PLUS has already set up for you.
Or you can choose between the retroarch cores to load up however you like from the settings menu. There are a few settings you can Tinker with.


For example you can head into the color menu and set the screen settings to your liking.

You can also scroll all the way down to hardware test and it will let you test all the buttons on your device so that you can see that they are working properly.


If you decide to remap your buttons in the settings you can see here how you have them mapped.
Another thing is how you can organize your favorite games since this device has thousands of games.
As you can see here in the bottom right corner it quickly become impossible to scroll all between your favorite games.


So what you want to do is to Mark the game you want in your favorite library, and then click the function button in the middle that will bring up a menu that lets you choose to Mark the game as your favorite.


Once that is done you can just back your way out to the start and you will find your game in the favorites Library.

06. Miyoo Mini Plus Emulation Test

Now let's finally test some emulation on this device.

Miyoo Mini Plus Emulation 

 Sega Genesis






07. Price and Availability

Conclusion on the Miyoo Mini Plus, let's discuss its price and availability.
I obtained my device from LITNXT, shipping was actually surprisingly quick and they still guaranteed delivery within a few days.
The 32GB version is priced at 79.99 whereas the 128GB version cost 95.99 dollars.

08. Conclusion

      It's worth noting that the RG35XX is less expensive and is typically readily available across most websites.

The most pocketable device I have reviewed this far and it can without any hiccups play games up to and including PlayStation 1.
This means that I can bring some of my absolute favorite games whenever I'm on the go.
The Miyoo Mini devs have done an astonishing job, making it super easy for people of all ages to enjoy some of the best games from the past.


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