Anbernic RG405M Portable Handheld Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Handheld Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Pocket Handheld Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Portable Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Retro Handheld Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Retro Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Retro Portable Handheld Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Pocket Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Portable Video Game Console
Anbernic RG405M Handheld Video Game Console

Anbernic RG405M Portable Handheld Game Console

Merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄

Brand: Anbernic
Color: Black
Size: 4+128G No Games
Subtotal: $206.99

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Anbernic RG405M Portable Handheld Game Console

Anbernic RG405M Portable Handheld Game Console


Anbernic RG405M Portable Handheld Game Console

Color: Black
Size: 4+128G No Games
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rg405 and delivery

The rg 405m handheld is pretty good. It can run up to SOME NGC and PS2 titles and came with a solid amount of games on it. The delivery however was very bad!! I changed my address right after I ordered it (mistake on my part). I was told twice that the address was updated but it still got shipped to the WRONG address and the tracking was very bad. If you're in the states do yourself a favor and order from Amazon.

Nice console, great customer service

I am seriously so impressed with the console I got, so many retro games to play and the design is absolutely beautiful. also customer service was so helpful when I came to them with questions,, thank you so much!!

Crystal O'Donovan
An absolute beast of a machine

This plays just about everything you could consider retro. There are some tweaks needed, and some games just won't work, but you absolutely can run GameCube and PS2 games on this. I have been enjoying God of War, Resident Evil 4, Mario Kart Double Dash and Final Fantasy 12. It is sort of mind blowing that this is even possible.

This is an android based machine, so this is basically a phone that can't make calls but does have a gamepad built in. It works really well and everything is smooth and user friendly. The screen is 4:3 and that is a very good thing for everything but PSP. The 4:3 screen makes the device a little bit smaller than it's 16:9 competitors

The battery life has been better than expected and the metal shell of the device gives it a solid build quality that feels like something that a major company would release.

Leonardo Storti
A device meant for tinkering, but loads of fun....

What can I say about this device, it is gloriously good and I can easily recommend it.

However, if you are new to the emulation scene, and you're not exactly the type to tinker with things....then stay away, you're better off getting one of their previous handhelds as those are much more user friendly (HENCE that is Android for you).....However if you are willing to sit down one afternoon and patiently set it up, you will have a pretty solid and powerful device to play with and endless hours of fun....

If you are expecting to play stronger titles from the likes of GameCube, PS2, Wii and 3DS....then you need to subvert your expectations, this is NOT the best device to run stronger systems, you're better off spending a little more money and something much more powerful to the likes of Ayin Odin or the Steam Deck as examples (needless to say, it can run those systems, but you need to tinker a whole lot to get them running in a playable state, and if you are sensitive to frame drops, then this device isn't for you, the hardware simply isn't powerful enough to handle stronger systems)......But if you love Retro gaming then this is definitely the device for you, this little thing can run everything from Atari 2600 all the way to PSP and PS1 systems mostly with a good flow of consistent 60FPS, however it does require some setting up to do, that is if you are willing to have the patience to sit down and start tinkering....(I suggest you look up a tutorial, YouTube is a good place to start, search for: ANBERNIC RG405M Ultimate Setup Guide)

Now to be fair, this device is already ready to pick and play, booting up your device for the first time will introduce you to a collection of pre-installed apps (most are bloat though), these are necessary to run your majority of games, and if your device comes with an SD card pre-loaded with (cough) games....then you are pretty good to go, however I do suggest you back up that SD card as soon as you can, these provided, preloaded SD cards tend to fail, they are very cheap so spend a little extra money and get yourself a good brand SD card, SD cards are cheap to buy so do not be stingy, get a good one....

IMO, you are better off building your own library of games (where you get your games is your problem, Google is your best friend, I cant give you suggestions on how to acquire them) and following a good tutorial, get a small storage SD card and focus on getting the games you KNOW you're going to play, lets be real, you're not gonna be playing thousands and thousands of games it will take you a lifetime, so just cherry pick the games you grew up with and love very much....

In conclusion, if you are patient enough to set up your device just right, you will be greatly rewarded with a solid device and then-some, with a premium feel and quality :)


Nice. Very impressive little machine! For somebody a little more tech savvy than myself the possibilities are endless. Still alot of fun the way it comes. It has a bunch of preloaded games to keep you entertained. Recommend.

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