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Unboxing Review: Miyoo Mini Plus

by onaretrotip 27 Jul 2023 0 Comments
Unboxing & Review Miyoo Mini Plus

Hi, guys! we've got another little emulation handheld to show you today. That have been sent and it's the Miyoo Mini Plus which is a new little handheld and it's pretty awesome. Obviously I'm under no obligation to favorably review this but I've been really really enjoying using it. And I think it's a great one. So I'm going to show you kind of the packaging and the console and everything and then what it can do the console comes in this tidy little box which slides out inside. 

01 Beginning

🎮You get a quick start guide which is very brief. The console itself which we'll look at in a sec. Now, let's have a look at the console itself. This is the clear purple version which looks pretty cool and quite partial to clear colors, like purple and orange, like the clear N64 controllers and Game Boy colors. There are four colors available for the Miyoo Mini Plus. These are clear black, white and gray which is sort of like an original Game Boy.  There are three SD card options with the 32 gig card being the cheapest. 

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 3

 02 Introduction

🎮The Miyoo Mini Plus lives up to its name in that it is quite mini, not small enough to be awkward but small enough to be very portable. Here's a size comparison with an original DMG Game Boy, so you can see it's much smaller. It's even smaller than a Game Boy Advance despite having a larger screen. The dimensions are 10.8 centimeters by 7.8 and by 2.2. And it weighs a mere 165 grams. The Mini Plus has a 3.5 inch IPS screen compared to the 2.9 inch screen of the GBA. The IPS screen is really gorgeous and output 642 by 480 resolution. The Mini Plus has an arm cortex A7 1.2 gigahertz dual core processor and 128 gig of RAM. It will play pretty much anything up to the original PlayStation. It also has Wi-Fi and a rumble feature if you want to grab a case for the Miyoo Mini Plus. 

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

03 Buttons

🎮It has a 3 000 milliamp hour battery which will give you four to eight hours of use depending on what you're playing. You can buy spares of these two if desired and the battery can be swapped easily on the console. You have a power button on the top volume controls on the left side. Some ports on the bottom are a headphone jack and USB charging port as well as the micro SD card slot on the back. You have four shoulder buttons. These don't press down too far. 

🎮If you like really springy triggers then you'll be left wanting probably only an issue for PlayStation games. As they're absolutely fine for stuff like Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance on the front, you have a d-pad and four face buttons. I really like the feel of these actually they do feel a bit more solid than some of the other emulation devices they have the right amount of clickiness and depth in my opinion. 

🎮They're also starting select buttons and a sort of home button here in the middle which you can use for exiting games and accessing the menu settings and so on. I'm perfectly happy with the feel and functionality of these stock buttons. There's a speaker bottom right which is absolutely fine for a handheld like this. It sounds pretty good as long as you don't crank it to a crazy volume. The 3.5 inch IPS screen of course and you can see here how poorly I've applied the screen protector. 

🎮It takes a few seconds to boot up. We have the main menu you have recents favorite games retroarch apps and settings. I'm not going to go massively into this SD but let's jump into the games folder to have a look. There are plenty of systems on here as well as a ton of arcade games which I always say is a large part of the appeal of these handhelds. 

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 8

 04 Features

🎮Miyoo Mini Plus has a rumble feature, which is quite cool and you can turn it off in the settings or adjust the intensity. Super Nintendo and Mega Drive work a treat. Super Nintendo games with extra chips like f-zero work well and Mega Drive looks great. I've even loaded a couple of Mega Drive indie games like Demons of asterborg and Xeno crisis. And they work fantastically too. This could be a good solution for people, who want to buy and play the latest Indie releases by buying the ROMs, but don't necessarily have the original consoles or an everdrive to play them on Game Boy. Game Boy Advance look superb. I'm sure I'll be playing a lot of Advanced Wars on this device. 

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 9

🎮I like that the original Game Boy games retain their original coloring, which some handhelds and operating systems don't do that well. And there are settings to fine tune the coloring of the Game Boy screen as well. Virtual Boy is fun to have as I don't own the console. Although of course you don't get the depth of 3D that the Virtual Boy provides, you can still enjoy the games as with the 16-bit generation. Miyoo Mini Plus really excels with 8-bit games like NES and PC engine. As I said, a big appeal of a handheld like this is the plethora of arcade games available to play. It does arcade games very well indeed. 

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 11

 05 Recommendation

🎮I think the Miyoo Mini Plus is probably one of the best compact without being too small to hold. The menu and interface work exceptionally well with onion OS installed. And it's not too expensive. I definitely recommend this one again. 

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