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Powkiddy X55 Review

by Alex express 26 Jul 2023 0 Comments
Powkiddy X55 Youtube Review

Hi everyone, we're meeting again today to test a small Chinese console here it is my partner LITNXT who sent me a Powkiddy. it's not so much the consoles that I test I'm more into bernique but I said I'll see it's the X55 and I admit that it interested me because it has triggers in fact. so it looked nice because it has a very large screen.

01 Price & Discount

🎮It's sold from $109.99 to $129.99. I think you can see in the description then you can get a discount code from the partner just in case. But here's what I wanted to test a little bit to see what it gives and as I was saying.The story of the trigger is practical. There's an HDMI output so it's practical I could test you the console games filmed by the camera but also games recorded the capture box.

02 Console Tour

🎮I suggest taking a closer look then after you know. I'll give you in the video maybe a separate one on the TV. So here's the closer one. The blue color is nice I think, and here we have what on this side: the volume plus. And there are little sticks crossing the ABXY buttons. It's pretty sober on this side. It looks a bit designer. we have the power on/off button the power supply. It's here! OTG: the power supply host. I don't know what it's for. We've got a headphone jack. The reset button once again. A console with triggers is well placed I find underneath. We've got the original SD card with the firmware, and then surely the SD card with the ROMs and the speakers are underneath. 

🎮Then at the back, here's the skin. Here you've got the screen. It takes a little time to turn on. There are CPS2 X games with its box. Its engie Nintendo after the screen is very wide, so for a 4:3 ratio. It's going to make black borders, I find. If you play the vintage game in 4/3, you've lost part of the image. It always takes a while to turn on. There are a few settings to make on the interface that I don't think you'll do because it's not the console. I want to recommend to you here's honestly but what's a shame is that there was a screen there anyway quite large as I said it's not practical for recent games on the other hand. What was innovative is that it's not a Nintendo DS. The screen can be practical because you'll see we have the screen on two parts here here on the other hand. We validate with the button, the button go Grand Prix here. It's available and original.

03 Games

🎮Compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D emulators, supports 30 different emulators, including CPS, FBA, FC, GB, GBA, GBC, NEOGEO, SFC, MD, PS, N64, PSP, and more. You can download as well as add emulators and games with related formats according to your preferences.

🎮With wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, the console can connect to multiplayer games and support Bluetooth controllers for group play. It also features a universal HDMI interface for connecting to computers, TVs, monitors, or projectors. Boasts features like save and load game progress, game search, recent game history, and the ability to save favorite games for easy access.

04 On TV

🎮Here's 64 GB the 45 degree card to the console rendered with a g52. It's not extra anyway so to play on TV. You have better image quality and I'll show you the other consoles you'll see the massacre here's it. I plugged the skin which says on the TV then on the other hand. you have to know that the calagedmi. you have to switch off the console before plugging in. if you only plug it in to build the signal won't pass through the HDMI. it's not Plug and Play so I was telling you what you have to do for Dreamcast games. You have to press Start game parameters. You go down banker configuration by system for the Dreamcast. By default, it's not set in fact. We're going to put the flycast 32b and Max performance. but yes we click on return always a little latency time. Here's the 30 degrees. it's a shame for the default display format. it was 16/9 so I set it to automatic which will allow us to have 4/3 consoles. so it's good and off we go the classic. we press Start and we'll see the animation level. it's okay there's the speed it's me.

🎮I tested a variety of games in my video, which you can move over to watch.

05 Conclusion 

🎮Here, look here! You have a youtubeur who is a big head on the LITNXT site who has the miyoo mini plus working very well. RG353 is cheaper moreover it's better. I remind you in the description here they make high-end machines too like the One X player. So it's in any case as usual don't hesitate to leave your questions, comments and a thumbs up if you liked it and I say see you soon for a new video.


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