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WAY better than I expected!

by TechDweeb 23 Aug 2023 0 Comments

-Chapter One-

Come on, guys! There are too much handhelds. Do we really need more? I could get behind this. Let's do this thing! Hello, there! I'm tech web. Welcome! I know that you miss being a kid. You missed sitting on the carpet of your living room, four inches away from that huge CRT TV with the fake wood pedaling and built-in ashtray eating dunkaroos off a TV guide and playing rad Racer on your Nintendo.

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-Chapter Two- Being a kid

While your parents buried your dead dog in the backyard, you never like that dog anyways not as much as rad Racer. But now you're all grown up and you you have adult responsibilities like a cutting out coupons, wearing shoes that have laces, that need to be tied up muddy stuff like investing in Insurance Acquisitions. You know adult stuff whatever adults do. But there's something missing the child within you still yearns for the simpler days when your world was no more complicated than dunkaroos rad Racer and a dead dog.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

If only there was some ways to recapture some of that childhood Magic, welcome home my child. This is the Anbernic RG405M. It's the self-proclaimed world's first CNC aluminum retro handheld, strong shape and thin texture apparently. But don't just take Anbernic’s word for it take mine.  It's good. I like it.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Three- The Anbernic RG405M

Today I'm gonna tell you why this RG 405M was said to be by the five folks over at litnxt. They sell this so if you want one and buy it from them. But to be honest, I wasn't excited to get this I kind of begrudgingly accepted. It is just to have it to make a video about what. I'll tell you right now that I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. It's not perfect but it by short time with it I've fallen in love with it. RG405M is a beautiful Sleek device with an all metal shell big forage IPS touchscreen.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Four- Intro & Specs

It's tight and compact but is it's still spacious and comfortable all while maintaining a pocket-friendly low profile sized shape. It also has the guts to handle a lot of stuff. Other super old retro stuffs, like Atari or Nintendo. All the early 3D retro stuff like PS1 and Nintendo 64 and  some of the more advanced 3D retro stuffs, like GameCube, Wii and PS2. And it could do Android stuff. The 405M is the latest handheld to feature the unisoc tiger t618 chipset. It also has some other specs.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Five- Hand feel

The premium feel I wasn't prepared for it. Because I was freaking blown away at how solid this thing feels in your hands. It's dense and heavy in a good way. You know how like when you pick up a cheap phone and it feels cheap. And then you pick up an expensive flagship phone and it feels premium that's what I'm talking about. There's lots about this device that makes its hand feel about the best that I've ever felt on a small head. Holding a gay big device is not just the solid weight. The left and right sides have this cut a curve. So your heads cup them a little bit when you hold it. The rubber pads on the back are a natural resting place for your fingers, and the placement of the buttons is tight. But it's efficient. There's not much wasted space. It feels both compact but spacious. The obvious comparison with this device will be the Retro pocket 3 plus because they're about the same price and they both use the same chip. So they have about the same performance.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Six- The Pocket Factor

They are to the same size and shape, though the Retro pocket 3 plus is bigger but wider obviously, which makes the 405M the more pocket-friendly option. But it's not just the size that makes it pocketable. The joysticks are recessed so that they protrude no more than the face Buds. And the fact that we have inline triggers and bumpers means that the 405M has a flush profile and will ride in your pocket without any pointy. Humps stick it out and dig it into your leg or the leg of the guy in the seat next to you on the subway. Because your leg is touching and he's all like uh sheesh what's this guy's leg got so many pointy hooks what's he got at RP3 Plus in his pocket or something that would be embarrassing for you the compact nature of this device means that there will be some trade-offs we don't get stacked shoulder buds we get inline shoulder buttons.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Seven- Controls

I've heard a few reviewers said users complain about these. But I don't buy them. I'd rather this than stacked on a Sleek little pocket device like this. And then they're totally fine to use to play with. I have no issue playing games with these. The recessed thumb sticks are also a trade-off. They'd be less comfortable compared to the big chunky full-size thumb sticks. I'd like a controller but these are actually amazing to use. They're Hull sensor sticks so they have a very accurate sensitivity. The rest of the controls are great apart from one thing .

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Eight- A big problem...

I had a big problem with my face buds. They feel great when pressing them individually. They're a rubber membrane switch that with just the right amount of firmness. They're perfect in that regard but you see how the edges of my buds have these little little lines on them. These scratches it came out of the box like this. And I think it's because of this that I'm having a major issue with the buds sticking. When I press a button kind of on its side like when I'm using the A and B buttons both at once. When I'm running and jumping at the same time, the buttons are hard to press, unless they're being pressed straight down. I think they're kind of scratching against the side of the the chassis. Not only that but check this out when I press hard at this angle. They could stick. They actually get stuck down on an angle. And this happens with all the face buds. It's actually a pretty common issue. I'll probably play a ton of games on this thing doing testing and record a gameplay for the video. And I only noticed it in a few selected games. Most of the time it's not really an issue for whatever reason.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Nine- Audiovisual experience

The audio visual experience of the 405M is good. It's a four inch IPS touchscreen display with a resolution of 640x480 at this size. You could clearly see that it doesn't have a very high pixel density. And the viewing angles aren't as good as other devices. Colors aren't super saturated and it doesn't get super bright. But it looks good honestly. I don't have a huge problem with it at this price point. The main thing that I love about the screed is that it's a 4x3 ratio, which lends itself well to playing retro games. That means systems like IDs and Super Nintendo and 3D systems like Nintendo 64 and PS1 will all be playing at their native aspect ratio. The 640x480 display is the Pixel Perfect resolution for many systems like Neo Geo and Dreamcast. And we could get perfect integer scaling of 240p systems like Sega Genesis.

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A turbo Graphics, unlike the widescreen devices out there, like the rp3 plus, it feels like this device was made for retro games specifically. Because it was obviously I do have white gripe with the screen. Though nobody seems to be talking about it online. I can't believe it because it's driving me nuts. I just I just have to put this out there. This screed has some sort of sharpening applied. It's applied globally across every app on the device. It's gonna be hard to show this other camera, but I'll try take a look at this.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Ten- Operating system & software

I just wish that I could turn that off the operating system that we have out here is Android 12. it's been basically stock Android with only one small section of the settings customized for the device itself. And there's a couple of quick settings in the notification area, that you could toggle on it off on the plus side. We get lots of flexibility. We have access to the Play Store to download our own emulators, front heads and Android games.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

The device Cubs with a emulation fronted by Ambler Nick. The SD card were all named weird so almost immediately I installed my old launcher. You can install dig or Digi show and Ambler deck has this set up with a few proprietary emulators for lots of the systems. But I prefer doing most of my emulation through retro arch. So I set this all up exactly as I like. It didn't take long and it's a nearly perfect experience like this. However, the downside of Android is not as tight as the Linux devices. You have to do lots of stuff yourself like downloading emulators and redheads. And all that is not really set up in a super user-friendly way out of the box. Ultimately it's fine it works well and I do prefer Android devices over Linux devices personally.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Eleven- Gaming performance

As for the performance of this dig, it uses the unisoc tiger t618 chip. Because it has the computing power of 618 tigers and the performance is right on par with the rest of the t618 devices, like the Retro pocket 3 plus. For instance, all the old stuff is gonna run to great. It's powerful enough to use Shader presets with those systems, so you can make it look like they're running on an old CRT monitor. And then it could read all your early 3D systems with no problem, as well a PS1 Nintendo 64 Saga Saturn. They'll work amazing God. They feel great on this device with this screed ratio. And these controls are great. You can set up the hotkeys to swap the screed. And it's touch screen. 3DS emulation isn't quite there, only maybe like 40 to 50 percent of the gabes will run well. But some of them will some of the lower end 3D systems are no problem likePSP and Dreamcast right out of the box.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

Nearly every PSP a Dreamcast cable work great and it may be 10 to the games will require some settings tweaks to Reddit 100 speed. However, like all 16 by died aspect ratio games, PSP isn't very enjoyable on this device. Maybe because the screen is 4x3. So you'll have letter boxing on the top and bottom of the screen. When you do that, it's actually pretty small. A scaled out of the screen get an rp3 Plus or an rg505. If you want to prioritize widescreen gaming, this 405M is for Retro Gaming pretty much, exclusively because of the 4x3 screen as for the high red 3D systems like GameCube and PS2. They're a bit Hit or Miss. PS2 is maybe 50 playable maybe if you Tinker with the settings and get into the weeds. Then you can get that up to like 60. It's really fun to play PS2 games odd here.


Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Twelve- No perfect handheld...

There is no theoretical device that's perfect for both the Game Boy and PSP, because they're fundamentally different. But lots of retro systems are made for 4x3 displays. Most of them actually for those systems the 405M is pretty darn close to perfect. If we had like a bit more power to run PS2 at GameCube, it would be there. I think but overall I've really enjoyed playing these old retro systems on this device more than my rp3 plus, specifically because of the screed ratio. This is my new favorite device for playing PS1 Nintendo 64 Dreamcast and even lots of the older retro stuff the 16-bit stuff it has a few shortcomings. The screed is amazing. Buttons are a little weird sometimes, but overall I do love it. It's a slick elegant premium feeling device that has a pocket friendly profile, that can hit a lot of 3D abulation.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6

-Chapter Thirteen- What do you think? 

I suppose I should tell you to buy this from Litnxt. If you want what, there's a 10 off coupon code. I would love to know what you think of the RG405M. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Blog unboxing & review miyoo mini plus litnxt 6


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