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It's like a MIYOO MINI ADVANCE! (RG353VS Review)

by TechDweeb 07 Jun 2023 0 Comments

There's only one handheld that truly gets me the Anbernic RG353VS is the latest vertical device.
Released by Anbernic, it was sent to me by LITNXT, they sell this and they seem like a good company.
The RG353VS reminds me of the RG35XX which is another Anbernic device that I love. But it also reminds me of one of my favorite retro handhelds the famous Miyoo Mini Plus.


In terms of size, shape and form factor, it's much more powerful than the Miyoo Mini Plus and it could do lots that the Miyoo Mini Plus can't do. The 353 VS and the V could play everything up to and including Nintendo 64 PSP Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, and it does all that with the same classic Game Boy.

01. Anbernic RG353VS Unboxing
First let me give you the grand tour in the Box.
We get the usual stuff.


We get the device itself.


A little folded up piece of paper with words on it.

A USB cord and there was also a screen protector there which I already applied the device.

02. Anbernic RG353VS & Miyoo Mini Plus

As you can see the main thing that it sets this thick apart from the cheaper devices like the Miyoo Mini Plus is that we have dual analog sticks these sticks are freaking awesome.

miyoo mini

They feel very similar to Nintendo switch joysticks which could tend to feel small on some retro handouts. But here at a small game boy style handheld, they actually feel big.

03. 3.5 Inch IPS Full Screen

It's a 3.5 inch IPS full view a giggle zero distance OCA laminated full fit screen which means that we get perfect viewing angles.
it has nice saturated colors it's super crisp to the eyes and it's nice and bright at its maximum brightness you could use it outside in the day. But it's very dip at its lowest brightness, I've been playing this in bed at night under the covers.

04. Resolution 

Perfect resolution for older retro systems that had a 4x3 aspect ratio. It at this resolution we get perfect integer scaling of many systems like Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx 16 and this is the native resolution of most of the 3D systems like Nintendo 64 or PS1 Dreamcast.

Sega Genesis
TurboGrafx 16

05. Operating System
Anbernic RG353VS comes with a custom Linux operating system with emulation stationed as the front. They have here it's easy to browse through the systems of the game lists, you have a convenient menu button to bring up the retroarch overlay and access your emulation options.

Or you can hold the menu button as a hotkey to quickly save and load your state toggle fast forward take a screenshot or exit the game.

It's possible to add games from other systems, for example I added a Sega Saturn game.

06. Connect to TV 
You can connect Bluetooth controllers and it has an HDMI port, so you could plug it into a TV which means you can basically turn the stick into a home console.


07. Conclusion
Feature-rich that plays a lot of stuff that the miyoo mini plus doesn't play. For that reason, it's a worthy addition to a retro handheld enthusiasts.
This is the best part of this hobby to enjoy all your old favorite retro games on a great device that fits in your pocket.
It's like Little techweb's Dream Come True that brings us. To the end I'd like to thank LITNXT for sending this RG353VS. So if you want one, you should go buy it from them.

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