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by Lucien MacMillan 06 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Litnxt: RG28XX Handheld Console
If you're interested in micro handhelds you have come to the right place. Lots of reviewers aren't big on micro handhelds, but I absolutely love micro handhelds, especially the RG28XX.

Let's come up with a fun name! Okay, so if the RG35XX is the Zazzbizzle, as we've established already, I'm officially calling the RG35XX Plus, the Bizzazzle. You know, because they're kind of like the same but opposite, it's Zazzbizzle and Bizzazzle. And now the RG28XX is kind of the mini version of the Zazzbizzle. So it's going to be the Zazzbitty. Now that should clear up the confusion.


The Zazzbitty is actually the same size as the Miyoo mini. It's just kind of a different configuration. If you like the idea of a micro handheld but want some of the comfort of a bigger device. This one is sort of the middle ground. It's a bit more comfortable because it's horizontal but it's mini still! I've been daily driving this for the past few days, carrying it around and playing with it all over the place. I've really enjoyed having it in my pocket and whipping it out in public places it.

It only weighs 18G, so I'm happy to say that this thing is great to carry around with you in your pocket. This Zazzbitty was sent to me by the good folks over at Litnxt, they've got this in stock and they have good prices, so buy this from them if you you want one.

Here's the Box, inside we get the Zazzbitty that I totally didn't just shove in the box to record this unboxing. Under here is a word paper with all sorts of useful tips. And in here is a USB C cable and a secret folded up note that tells you all the important stuff that you need to know in life:)

The Zazzbitty has a little d-pad, a 2.8 in 640x480 screen, XYBA buttons, start and select down there and a single front-facing mono speaker. On top we have bumpers and triggers, a USB C hole for charging, and OTG connection, a power indicator, a menu button and a mini HDMI hole. On the left side there is a volume rocker, on the right side we have a power and reset buttons. Underneath we have a headphone hole and a Micro SD card hole and a second micro SD card hole. Nothing around back.

The buttons are great. Lots of people complained that these were too small. When I first got this in my hands, I was like yeah, what the heck why are they so small? But the weird thing is I've been using this for like two days now, and I've come to love these buttons. I don't know why, on paper they're a little small and they they're just standard buttons, but I actually love the smaller size and layout of them now. They feel great!

As you can see there is no stick, but you can play lots of games that lend themselves to the specific control layout that we have here. The screen is another standout feature. It's an awesome little screen. Notice, I said two important words there, awesome and little. If you have good eyesight, you'll see how awesome it looks because at 2.8 in 640x 480 is super high pixel density, so the images look crisp and clear and we get great pixel scaling on most retro systems.

All these new Anbernic things they have the same processor and the same RAM, and they all have the same operating system. But honestly, it's improved a lot and now it's actually good. It doesn't have a ton of quality of life features, and it still doesn't look all that fancy, but it works and it doesn't get in your way. And you have the options that you need to tweak stuff so I'm going to give them a pass here. 

I'm just in love with playing retro games on here. I've been playing everything, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Turbo Graphic 6, Zga Genesis and PS1. I'll dip my toes into some Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 on occasion, but honestly I'm a okay with sticking to the Retro stuff because that's what feels fun to me on a pocket size device like this. I have this thing happen, and maybe you have this thing happened to you. When you get a new device and it really clicks with you, suddenly all these old games that played a million times feel fresh and new. That's what this thing is doing for me.

I love this thing for the retro stuff, you can play anything up to and including PS1 with zero issues. The battery is really good, I didn't do any extensive testing and measured, but my subjective experience is that it's totally an all day device. You can pause your game put it to sleep, resume your game later, play for an hour, uh back to sleep and still have some juice left for some bedtime gaming. That's impressive for a device this small.

I'll round this out by saying that if you want a Zazzbitty of your own, you should get one from Litnxt. If you do that, I hope you love it as much as I do:)

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