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Why MuOS Is the Best Upgrade for Your RG35XX SP?

by Lucien MacMillan 27 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Why MuOS Is the Best Upgrade for Your RG35XX SP?

Recently, the MuOS has been discussed a lot, and some customers have asked us whether we would consider this system. Well, just put this question aside for a while. According to our investigation, this system does bring huge improvements to the RG35XX SP (and RG28XX, RG35XX H). And now let's explore the key improvements MuOS brings to the RG35XXSP!

Enhanced Performance and Stability

Lid Mode Support for RG35XX-SP: This feature provides better control over power consumption and usability when the lid is closed.(This is the best improvement I think the MuOS has brought!

Optimized System Resources: MuOS optimizes system resources, resulting in smoother gameplay and faster load times. This enhancement minimizes crashes and ensures a reliable gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games without interruption.

Fixed global configuration corruption: for those who like to press the reset button for funsies.

Sleep and Shutdown Mode: Enhanced power management features extend battery life and provide more options for conserving energy during downtime.

HDMI Enhancements: MuOS adds HDMI audio output and the ability to change HDMI resolution, offering more flexibility when connecting to external displays.

Improved User Interface

Visual Enhancements: The interface includes visual improvements that make the device more appealing and easier to use, such as more accurate visual indicators for volume and brightness.

Content Name Customization: MuOS offers visual options to remove unnecessary characters like ( ) [ ] and replace - with : on content names, making your library cleaner and easier to navigate.

Responsive Menu: The menu system is now more responsive, providing a smoother user experience.

Easy Theme Management: Themes are now placed in SD1 (MUOS/theme/active) for changing on-the-fly or fixing errors easily.

Enhanced System Management

Backup Manager and System Refresh: These have been merged into the Task Toolkit, streamlining system management tasks. 

Network Stability: Network connections have been improved for better stability.

Conclusion: MuOS transforms the RG35XXSP into a more powerful and versatile gaming device.  With enhanced performance, expanded game compatibility, new features, an improved interface, extensive customization options, better battery management, and regular updates, MuOS is worth a try. 

So back to the question at the beginning, what we can tell you guys now is that we are testing and exploring more improvements that MuOS can bring to RG35XX SP. If the test results are good and the performance is stable, we will focus on installing MuOS on RG35XX SP in the future to bring a better gaming experience to you! Please follow litnxt to give you more information, PEACE and LOVE~

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